Does EQC accept independent reports?

Does EQC accept independent reports?

If there is an independent report which differs from an EQC report, what is the process to resolve the differences? Look at both the damage report and repair strategy.

Asked: 9 April 2013

Category: Independent reports



7 March 2014

EQC advises:

EQC would not accept an independent report as the only source of professional advice when initially establishing the settlement recommendation for land claims. EQC will however consider all available information when investigating a subsequent dispute.

As part of the disputes process EQC will review all claims relating to the property and may need to undertake a re-assessment and/or seek further professional guidance.

Where an error is found EQC will make a top-up payment to the homeowner. If EQC is satisfied that the original settlement is correct then the homeowner will need to prove the loss at their own cost. If it is subsequently found that EQC was incorrect then EQC would meet costs material to the dispute.

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