multiple accommodation claims

If a homeowner has been paid by EQC for two claims, one under cap, and one over cap, does this then generate the ability to access two accommodation claims from their insurer? Are there any circumstances where they may be eligible to claim accommodation cover more than once?

Asked: 3 April 2014

Category: Temporary accommodation


Southern Response

14 August 2014

Southern Response advises:

No, it does not generate the ability to access two accommodation claims from the insurer.
The only exception may be if the homeowner were to move out of the house to give effect to earthquake repairs, those repairs were completed, the owner moved back in, and subsequently a new earthquake sequence occurred causing further damage and need for more repairs, then that may trigger another Temporary Accommodation claim.

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14 January 2015

IAG advises:

IAG policies differ so it is best to discuss your accommodation entitlements with your claims case manager.

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15 January 2015

Lumley advises:

No only one can be claimed, the exception to this is if they have had to move out of the house multiple times due to damage from different events.


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17 November 2014

Tower advises:

No, only one temporary accommodation allowance is available to customers at a time, as the policy requires the property to be made uninhabitable by an event to trigger payment. If the property is already uninhabitable when a second event occurs the policy would not respond to a further accommodation allowance.
There are some case studies on the Insurance and Savings Ombudsman’s website which may prove useful. Please refer to the following link:

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