Challenging settlement as a result of joint review

How can a homeowner challenge a settlement recommendation which follows from a joint review process when that recommendation reverses the outcome of discussions held on site?

Asked: 5 April 2014

Category: Joint reviews



3 June 2014

EQC advises:

If you wish to challenge the outcome of the joint review, you can ask your insurer to dispute it.  The steps are here:

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13 January 2015

IAG advises:

If you wish to dispute a joint review outcome you will need to speak with both EQC and your insurer. 

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15 January 2015

Lumley advises:

Discussions that would have been held onsite should have related purely to the methodology. The methodology then gets referred to the EQC costings team and then onto the settlement team who will review the apportionment.
If the insured disputes the methodology then they will need to discuss this with either EQC if the claim is to remain undercap or with the insurer if the claim is overcap. The insured may be asked to provide supporting documentation as to why they disagree with the methodology ie an independent engineers report.

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Southern Response

24 October 2014

Southern Response advises:

Talk to whichever party was successful in the determination, and that the homeowner wishes to challenge (EQC or insurer).
If Southern Response was successful in the determination and the customer was unhappy with this, we would encourage them to talk to their claims specialist in the first instance, as the situation can then be escalated as appropriate. Further information about the complaints process is available on our website under the section “Resolving your concerns”.

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17 November 2014

Tower advises:

We recommend customers discussing their concerns with our EQC liaison officer so that they may address any issues with EQC.

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In The Know

2 December 2014

In The Know advises:

In The Know recommends contacting the Residential Advisory Service (RAS) regarding this question.

You can contact RAS on 0800 777 299 or via email at
More information about RAS is available at

Alternatively please contact Community Law Canterbury on 0508 CAN LAW (226529).

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