Fletcher EQR Technical Hub

What organisations/individuals are the 'consulting partners' which make up the Fletcher EQR/EQC "technical hub"? Do these 'partners' review individual claims or are they working on generic information and strategies? Would it be usual practice for a 'technical report' produced by Fletcher EQR to have been reviewed, supervised or seen by any of the 'consulting partners'?

Asked: 18 June 2014

Category: Communications, Independent reports



25 August 2014

EQC advises:

In all, over 100 professionals (engineers, architects and designers) are involved in developing repair solutions for homes referred to the CHRP technical team.
Most of the engineers developing solutions for homes in the CHRP are from other organisations and not employed by Fletcher EQR.
Engineering work is carried out by qualified engineers under the supervision of experienced senior structural engineers including Chartered Professional Engineers on both New Zealand and international registers.
Other design work which requires particular skill sets (fire safety, external moisture, geotechnical engineers and specialist surveying) is carried out by specialists is those fields including Chartered professional Geotechnical Engineers, Licenced Building Professionals, Architects and registered surveyors. 
Once a conceptual design has been drawn up, the solution is checked by a senior engineer and authorisation sought before the technical team continues to the detailed design stage. Most of the specific engineering reports for homes around Canterbury are either authored by, or reviewed by an engineer from one of the partner organisations.

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