What should a home owner do if they disagree with EQC's costings or repair methodologies?

If a homeowner believes the earthquake damage to their home has been inaccurately scoped or disagrees with the proposed repair methodologies or believes the property should be overcap;

1. What information and or reports should be sought by the homeowner?
2. In what format should they be provided to EQC?
3. Whom should they be sent to in EQC?

Asked: 15 August 2014

Category: Independent reports, Joint reviews



9 January 2015

EQC advises:

You may need specific independent reports by qualified practitioners (as well as other information) to support your challenge to the scope or the repair methodology.  the exact reports and information you may need to provide to EQC will depend on the nature of the disagreement.
If you disagree with the scope or repair methodology, in the first instance you should talk to your contractor and Contract Supervisor.
You can also talk to the Community Liaison Officer in your Fletcher EQR hub who can work with you on agreeing a resolution plan.
If the dispute is about the difference between a private insurer’s assessment of the damage to your dwelling and EQC’s assessment, then you can ask your private insurer to trigger a joint review: http://www.eqc.govt.nz/canterbury-earthquakes/claims-assessment/more-on-assessments/joint-review.

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