Will EQC require the property owner who has ILV to undertake remediation prior to foundation repair?

Where a property has been assessed as at increased liquefaction vulnerability (ILV) and the owner is awaiting repair of foundation via CHRP (e.g. jack & pack, notching of bearers, epoxy resin etc) will EQC require the owner to undertake land remediation (where possible) prior to any foundation repairs being undertaken via CHRP? If not what guarantee can the homeowner rely on to ensure they maintain full cover with their private insurer until such time as land remediation can be undertaken?

Asked: 18 August 2014

Category: Insurance, Land remediation



9 January 2015

EQC advises:

EQC does not require the customer to remediate land with ILV damage before EQC carries out a CHRP repair.
Remediation of liquefaction-prone land has been extensively researched in the ground improvement trials but as the question indicates, in many cases it may not be possible to remediate the land. As with most land claims, settlement for ILV will be by cash rather than reinstatement or repair. 
The question around the private insurer needs to be directed to the relevant insurer.  EQC cover exists wherever a property has valid fire insurance, subject to any regulations made under the Earthquake Act 1993 and to Schedule 3.

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Southern Response

4 December 2014

Southern Response advises:

The homeowner should talk to their ongoing insurer regarding this.

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24 September 2014
A response to this question is being worked on and will be posted soon.

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