Whose insurance covers furniture that is damaged by a moving company?

Whose insurance covers furniture that is damaged by a moving company? The movers insurance or the property owners insurance when a property owner needs to move out for earthquake repairs?

Asked: 20 August 2014

Category: Insurance



11 December 2014

IAG advises:

Most moving companies will offer insurance as part of their package – as long as insurance was taken out in advance with the moving company their insurance will cover the loss/damage. IAG policies don’t cover contents in transit.

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15 January 2015

Lumley advises:

The insured should look into the insurance cover that they have available prior to the move. Lumley’s house and contents policies do not cover goods in transit as such they would need to look at taking out a separate policy. This can be done by contacting our consultants. It is recommended that the insured read the terms and conditions with the carrier to see if there is any cover under their policy.

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Southern Response

4 December 2014

Southern Response advises:

The responsibility will depend on the terms of the contract that the mover and the homeowner has entered into and whether the homeowner has paid for separate insurance cover (usually offered by the moving company, through a third party insurer). A homeowner will need to check with their private insurer to see if any of their other current policies cover such damage.

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20 October 2014

Tower advises:

If the furniture is damaged while in transit it will need to be taken up with the moving company. If the damage occurs while in a storage facility your TOWER contents policy would provide cover.



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