Driveway repairs

Can an insurance company insist on cash settling for a driveway repair when the policy states that it is the policy holders choice if the repair is cash settled or managed by the insurance company?

Asked: 7 March 2015

Category: Repairs



1 April 2015

EQC advises:

These are questions for Private Insurers to answer.  Insurers may have different responses, depending on their policy wording.

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Southern Response

1 April 2015

Southern Response advises:

For claims involving repair or replacement of driveways, the AMI policy allows us to make the decision whether to manage the repair or replacement work ourselves or to offer a cash settlement for the value of the repairs or replacement required. Wherever possible, we will work with the homeowner to determine the most suitable option. In some cases we may offer a cash settlement, allowing the homeowner to move forward and manage the repair or replacement of their driveway the way they want to.

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