Using previous survey documentation as evidence of foundation damage

My building location certificate shows the building was surveyed by a registered surveyor with both position and foundation setout height at the time the building was built (10 years before the earthquakes).

I was wanting to find out if this was, or could be used, as reasonable evidence to show that the foundation damage that  has occurred (which has been noted by a EQC engineer and is outside mbie guidelines) could not be regarded as ‘pre-existing’  (as has also be stated by the same EQC engineer) because any foundation damage outside mbie guidelines would have been an egregious lack of quality by a surveyor.


I would also think that placement may be an issue for some people in my case this is not an issue – my issue is that the foundation has dropped and not flat.

Asked: 30 March 2015

Category: Foundations



29 June 2015
A response to this question is being worked on and will be posted soon.

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Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment

8 March 2016

Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment advises:

Pre-existing documentation of work by a registered surveyor should not be readily dismissed. If the house is out of level and the insurer is of the view that it does not relate to damage from the 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquake sequence, it is reasonable to expect the insurer to provide a full explanation. The MBIE guidance is not a substitute for the insurance contract.


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