Responses to In The Know questions

Why is it so few organisations have provided answers to "in the know" questions? Why is it the few answers provided are non specific and general promotional blurbs?

Asked: 14 August 2015

Category: Communications



28 September 2015

CERA advises:

The In the Know question and answer website was developed to provide general information about the residential rebuild and repair process.

Originally questions were provided by community members and groups, and were broad in nature which made it easier for the responding agencies and organisations to answer and useful for as many residents as possible.

As time has passed property owners often ask questions more specific to their individual situation which are difficult for agencies to answer with accuracy.

Insurers, in particular, have requested property owners contact them directly with these sorts of questions to ensure they understand the context of the situation so they can provide comprehensive and appropriate advice to that property owner.

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