Are people able to get temporary accomodation reinstated?

We received our rebuild payout in July 2015, however, due to legal complications and having to pay for our house to be completely redesigned we are still paying $550.00 per week while we wait for plans to go through Council. Since receiving our payout we have had to pay rent with no temporary assistance. Prior to this we had the rental assistance for three years. We still have at least four months of rent to pay before we are able to move in to our new property.

Asked: 16 November 2015

Category: Temporary accommodation



9 December 2015

CETAS advises:

The Temporary Accommodation Assistance (TAA) was established to help homeowners with temporary accommodation costs while their home is being repaired or rebuilt as a result of the Canterbury earthquakes.

There are specific criteria to meet in order to receive payment and the criteria can differ depending on the zoning of the affected property.

The payment of TAA is dependent on the status of the earthquake affected property. Once this property is sold, regardless of the zoning, there is no entitlement to TAA.

The specific circumstances outlined in the question relate to a former red zone homeowner. Once full settlement for the earthquake damaged property is received from both the Crown and the Insurance Company entitlement to TAA ceases.

Please also see In The Know Question 428 and visit for further information and eligibility criteria

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