Cash Settlement video series

This series of seminars on cash settlement topics were held and filmed at the Hub over 2015. The complete series can be watched online from here via YouTube.

Videos included in the series:

Introduction: Mark Rackley-Gale is the Manager of BNZ Future Hub and has presented at the In the Know Hub seminars. Mark will explain the cash settlement process and phases, and introduce the topics covered in each seminar.

Understanding your cash settlement offer: These seminars cover what cash settlement means from an insurance perspective (IAG), the likely steps in the process, and things to discuss with your insurer. It also discusses who to seek advice from and things to consider before accepting a full and final cash settlement.

Understanding the cash settlement options and process: These seminars cover how cash settlements are calculated and on-going insurance cover. It also talks about the legal implications of cash settlement options and your repair or rebuild decisions.

Rebuild with confidence: how to manage your home repair and rebuild - Part One (project management): This seminar covers the different options for project management. It includes things to consider if you choose to undertake the project management yourself or employ a design and build company, an architect or a builder to do it for you. It also covers building contracts, progress payments and consumer protection available if you are rebuilding.

Rebuild with confidence:  how to manage your home repair and rebuild – Part Two (the repair and rebuild process): Once you have decided on the project management approach you are going to take, this seminar will help you understand and navigate the different steps in the repair and rebuild process.

Support and assistance

There are agencies and groups that support Canterbury residents who are continuing to work through their earthquake related home repair or rebuild.

Residential Advisory Service (RAS)
(03) 379 7027 or 0800 777 299 or visit

Community Law Canterbury
0508 CANLAW (0508 226 529) or visit

Red Cross Independent Advice Grant
0800 754 726 or visit

Build Back Smarter

Canterbury Support Line | 0800 777 846

Earthquake Support Coordination Service | 0800 777 846

Community Energy Action Charitable Trust (CEA)
(03) 374 7222 or 0800 GET WARM (0800 438 9276) or

In the Know |

Canterbury Earthquake Temporary Accommodation Service (CETAS)
Matching and placement
0800 673 227 or visit

Temporary Accommodation Assistance (TAA) (not income or asset tested)
0800 673 227 or visit

Red Cross Pack and Move Grant & Red Cross Storage Grant
0800 754 726 or visit

Red Cross Transport Service
0800 468 873 or visit