The Process

To ensure the ongoing quality of information accessed through In the Know, we use the following process:

  1. Questions are collected through the online form. Questions can be asked about the residential rebuild and repair process as it affects or could affect the greater Christchurch community or groups of people within our earthquake-affected community. (Questions or complaints about specific claims cannot be handled through this website.)
  2. The “Think Tank” reviews the questions. The Think Tank is a group of community leaders that meets regularly to make sure that the questions are clearly stated before being passed to agencies to respond to.
  3. Questions are posted online and the appropriate agencies are asked to respond.
  4. Agencies review and respond to questions.
  5. Responses are published on the website, and the person who asked the question is notified.

This process is based on an understanding that all participants engage in an open and responsible discussion that generates better information flow, leads to greater resident confidence in information and greatly improves residents’ peace of mind or independence to make the right decisions – for themselves, their families or those in their care.

Who can submit a question?

Anyone can submit a question about the rebuild and repair process in greater Canterbury. However, individual residents with questions may find it useful to talk to neighbours, friends or local community leaders first. These people may have the answer. If not, talking to others is still useful, to help make sure that the question you submit is relevant to a group of people and is phrased clearly enough to get the level of answer that you need. (A community leader could be any person who establishes and maintains relationships with a broad range of people to understand earthquake-related community issues – for example, a Street Coordinator, a Scout or Guide leader, a coach…)

We ask everyone in greater Christchurch to be a part of this process and make sure that questions being raised and heard in local communities are being submitted. If you have something, then please use the following form.

If you are not comfortable using this form, please contact your local community group or resident’s association for assistance.

View questions that have already been asked and answered (and questions that are in the process of being answered)

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